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Brandon Beane wants cap space ready to go in case veteran they like becomes available

And not just in the event it’s a tight end

Prior to training camp, general manager Brandon Beane spoke to media to address many of the most pressing topics for the Buffalo Bills. The Bills’ current cap space was brought up, but primarily in the context of the general consensus that Buffalo may want to add to the tight end group.

Specifically, Beane was asked: “With the salary cap space that you do have available, do you foresee potentially something happening with a veteran player, perhaps adding to that position [tight end] before the start of the regular season?”

Beane started by praising the tight end group and their offseason work. Beane added that they’re “excited” about who they have “and we want to give them an opportunity,” literally listing each of the tight ends on the roster.

Then he opened the door to a possible addition at tight end, but carefully selected his words to note that this applied to “any position.”

“We wanted to create some space so that if an opportunity came to trade or a player at any position, multiple positions, that a veteran out there that, you know what; If it’s the right price to add to our team we’ll do it,” said Beane.

The Bills could be in the market for a free-agent cornerback, as well, so it makes sense that he would broaden the focus of the question.

“We’re going to evaluate other rosters this August and if we see a chance, whether it’s tight end or something else, and we think it’ll be the right piece on the field and in our locker room, I’ll definitely look to add ‘em,” finished Beane.