And So it Begins....same old same old

Tonight was the "kickoff" of the 2021 NFL season. Already, the Zebra Force is with us. I had no skin in tonight's game but felt this game was round one of a WWF performance.

There were "numerous" penalties called. Some egregious, some not so egregious. In the end, after the Cowboys fought back while their kicker was in a coma, they were done in by one egregious call by the refs(even for them). Textbook OPI, but nooooo, TB12 and company had to get into field goal range in the final seconds to create a story line from week one. Without referee assistance, the Bucs were toast.. "Scoop there it is!". No call, completed pass, a finish for the ages(can't do sarcasm in a fan post with Coral apparently)

What a bogus display. I thought I was watching the Bills getting hosed (force of habit)...I found myself rooting for the Cowboys and I despise Jerruh!. It seems to me, it is becoming more apparent who gets into the Super Bowl has nothing to do with performance and everything to do with "whom" the NFL wants to showcase.

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