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Highmark Stadium wants to remind you of their policies before Buffalo Bills’ opener

The Buffalo Bills and Highmark Stadium want to remind you of some policies before you come to the first regular-season game of the year. They’ve already warned there will be longer than normal delays at the gates, and encourage folks to begin entering the stadium at noon.

The team lots open at 9 a.m. and it’s a $40 charge to park. Private lots can open whenever and charge whatever they’d like. (Hammer’s Lot said yesterday they won’t be doing the ketchup and mustard shower nor will bowling ball shots be poured.)

The gates are opening earlier than normal at 11:00 instead of 11:30 to accommodate the crowd. Staffing and COVID-19 concerns are the reasons for the anticipated delay at the gate. Tickets are 100 percent paperless this year as another COVID mitigation measure. Screenshots are often problematic, so add your ticket to your Apple Wallet or Google Pay before going to the gate.

When you enter the stadium, unvaccinated fans are required to wear a face mask the entire time. Vaccinated fans must wear a face mask indoors, such as the bathrooms and suites.

All concessions and The Bills Store will be 100 percent cashless, so bring that debit card.

The NFL’s bag policy is something implemented years ago that folks are forgetting about with all the COVID regulation changes. There are lots of rules surrounding that, so I won’t list them and instead I will link to the NFL’s website.