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Matt Breida brings something Zack Moss, Devin Singletary don’t

The Buffalo Bills made running back Zack Moss a healthy scratch for the season opener on Sunday against the Pittsburgh Steelers for one reason; speed.

The Bills used Matt Breida in the passing and running games during the preseason, getting him to the outside where he can showcase his speed. They can pair him with Isaiah McKenzie or have Breida take those jet sweep snaps while McKenzie works back from his shoulder injury. McKenzie wasn’t limited in practice this week, but with the additional returner duties, it can’t hurt to have Breida up and active.

That speed is something neither Devin Singletary nor Zack Moss possess. Singletary and Moss are very similar, and while that tends to make them interchangeable in the game plan, it also can make one of them redundant.

There’s one more thing that could be in the mix as well, though I don’t see it being the determining factor with Taiwan Jones in the lineup. Breida has a lot of special teams experience and between Moss and Singletary, they’ve never played a special teams snap in their combined three seasons in the NFL.