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Get your Buffalo Bills Nike Pegasus Sneakers here!

What are thoooooooooooose?

Nike has released a brand new Buffalo Bills branded running shoe and these things are sweet. Featuring Buffalo’s signature blue as the base color with red and white accents, the colors immediately pop on the Nike Fall 21 Pegasus 38. The Bills logo is hidden near the heel on the outside of both shoes. Inside the shoe, you get the Nike logo inside the right shoe and the BILLS alternate logo in the left shoe. There is a large Nike swoosh on the outside of both shoes.

Sizes from Men’s 3.5 to 14 (Women’s 5.5 to 15) are available at the beginning of the sale. The items are ready to roll and there are no supply chain issues. They’ll ship in the next two days after your order.

You can use this link or the one embedded in the BUY YOURS NOW ribbons to grab your pair of these awesome sneakers. Do it quickly, as these sold out within hours last year.