Predict the Score! - Week 2: Bills v Dolphins

Welcome to the most popular NFL regular-season weekly contest in the world! on the internet. on Buffalo Rumblings! Ok, inflated ego aside, it was a pleasant surprise to see so many participants and recs last week and I hope we can keep that energy flowing throughout the season! I enjoy creating content that entertains this quirky, loveable, even if sometimes dysfunctional, family.

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Week 1 Recap--Steelers 23, Bills 16: Well- there's really no other way to say this, but that sucked. The Steelers came in to Buffalo like a renegade and came up with an impressive victory over the Bills; announcing to the league that rumors of their demise were vastly overstated. Last week, several harbingers of the calamity proved to have their unfortunate predictions ring true. And while I don't think it's time for hockey quite yet, hockey-time proved to be the ultimate prognosticator for week 1 with a perfect guess on the final score. Congratulations. Guessing the correct score is an uncommon feat in this contest and only happens a few times each season. Enjoy being the first to have your tag on the Wall of Winners, you earned it...

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Week 2, Buffalo v Miami: Two teams moving in opposite directions face off against each other under the hot sweltering Florida sun. Will Buffalo rebound against a team that calls Josh Allen "Daddy?". Or will the Dolphins put the Bills in a huge 0-2 hole to start the season? Vegas thinks the Bills will be victorious as a 3 point favorite. The over/under is 48 points, depending on where you look.

Bills 27 Miami 24: I think Buffalo finds themselves in a dog fight, but this time emerge victorious. The AFC East will be a jumbled mess with three 1-1 teams, while the winless Patriots or Jets (preferably the Patriots) sit in the basement for a week. Bass-o-matic kicks the game winner after Josh Allen takes a brutal sack on 3rd down to make the kick much longer than it should've been. Josh Allen does rebound from last week throwing for 303 yards, 64% completions and 2 TDs. Zach Moss, sitting on the pine for no damn good reason in week 1 puts up 2 TDs (one rushing/one receiving).

Random Thoughts I Thought: Here are just a few thoughts I had during and after the game. I usually keep a low profile on this site after losses because I think a lot of rational, well-thought out comments get lost in the noise. These are just quick hitters, no reason to discuss them, unless you want to.

  • Levi Wallace is usually OK but had a pretty bad game overall, in my opinion. Will Dane Jackson get more PT next week?
  • I bet Skarekrow is going to show us why all of these bad penalty calls were technically correct. They're still bad penalties.
  • Speaking of penalties, I hate when a ref from across the field throws a flag when the ref standing practically over the play keeps his flag tucked in.
  • Knox was the only catcher of passes that didn't appear to have eaten the buttery biscuits at breakfast. Or halftime.
  • Buffalo really needs to stop serving buttery biscuits.
  • Gilliam needs more snaps. Kumerow too.
  • A little bit of motion might help move the D off their spots and help Josh Allen with pre-snap reads. I'd like to see more play action too. If I recall, we were pretty good at it last year.
  • I already have Baker Mayfield fatigue. I'm glad he's making bank, but damn, I'm tired of looking at his face.
  • I have a theory as to why so many people seem down on Tremaine Edmunds. Because he's tall, isn't bunched together with the other defenders and has dreads, he's the most identifiable person on defense. Therefore, it's easier to watch him on any given play. And most players don't make an impact on every given play. That and his lack of production in key spots, I guess.
  • Every year there is a game or two where Daboll is trying to prove he's the smartest coach on the field. Hopefully this year, he gets over his superiority complex quickly.
  • I prefer watching the Manning brothers than listening to the MNF announcers, even if they still have to work on timing and guest interactions and program interludes and stuff.
  • Groot's gonna be good.
  • Had Jason Lee never grown a mustache for his iconic role in My Name is Earl, he would have had a career trajectory similar to Paul Rudd. He typecasted himself with that glorious 'stache. He could've been Ant Man.

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Week 1: hockey-time (perfect score!)

Week 2: Your name here? Happy prognosticating!

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