Sunday's HiLo - Special Teams

This morning I woke up finally recovered from the terrible mood I've been in since Sunday afternoon. There has been plenty of proper discussion around the obvious topics; how bad the OL was, JA & the WR core's uninspired performance, poor coaching/play calling, Steelers D being legit, Bills D being a bright spot, and did I mention how bad the OL was? One final topic I would like to highlight from Sunday - the HiLo from Special Teams.

The High: Ahh - the sweet recall of how we all felt after the first 15 seconds of the game - a brilliant return by McKenzie to the Pitt 24 was nearly the best way to start the season (outside of finishing the return for 6). In that moment all the hopes and expectations of this 2021/22 campaign were real, pure, and untarnished. Take a moment to pause and recall how great you felt right then and there, not knowing what was to play out. That was a great HIGH. Granted it was mostly squandered by the ensuing 3-and-out to FG but the sheer excitement to the start of the game was such an ecstatic feeling - one that I drew upon during bouts of despair over the last few days.

The Low: With 9:52 left in the game, after another disappointing offensive showing, the snap heads back to Haack and for some god-forsaken reason he's nearly two yards short of where he should be and then compounds that mistake by deciding to add in a couple extra stutter steps. Ain't nobody got time for that (if you know, you know). Disaster strikes - punt is blocked and returned for the TD. I muttered to myself - "that's it - game over" and I wasn't wrong. I won't use a phrase like Billsy to describe it because I've truly left those days behind. But god d@mn that was a LOW.

Honorable ST Mention: Bass-O-Matic was just that and looked solid - a good sign.

Things to clean up on all fronts but some good things to remains confident about. I agree with the takes that the lack of starter play in preseason likely had a substantial effect. But it's Wed afternoon now and and then time to move on into anticipation mode for this Sunday: Go Bills, let's SQUISH THE FISH!!

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