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Buffalo Bills only protect three practice squaders this week

The Buffalo Bills have the option to protect up to four practice squad players each week from being poached to join another team’s active roster. This week they only chose three before they head to Miami to play the Dolphins.

OG Jack Anderson
OG Jamil Douglas
CB Cam Lewis

Last week, DT Brandin Bryant was also on the list but he was not included this week. Perhaps that says something about the health of Star Lotulelei heading into Week 2. The Bills’ starter at defensive tackle missed the game with a calf injury.

The rules blocking teams from adding someone from the practice squad were put in place so teams had players who knew their system that wouldn’t have to go through the multi-day NFL entry program during the COVID-19 pandemic. If practice squad players are vaccinated, they don’t need to go through that process anymore. So a team could sign a player off the street now where that wasn’t possible in 2020.

The block will expire following Monday Night Football and then the three players are free to sign with any other NFL team.