Tone it Down

Or maybe I'll call this, "zen Gripes". Or maybe "Fan Narratives". Or maybe "Save some tables to break for the Super Bowl" Let me know. Maybe I'll continue this as a series. Maybe I won't.

Wallace sucks!

White: 5 targets, 3 completions, 46 yds, 60 cmp%, 15.3 yds/cmp, 9.2 yds/target, 1 missed tackle
Wallace: 10 targets, 6 completions, 32 yds, 60 cmp%, 5.3 yds/cmp, 3.2 yds/target, 0 missed targets

Yep, we all saw the pass interference call against Wallace. Hold that against him if you want to, but to me that is a defender in position to make a play on the ball- and he did. I suppose still technically against the rules since he didn't turn his head. Well, hopefully that's a lesson learned. Easily fixable. Maybe you hold the TD pass against him. That's on you. Again, he was in perfect position. Great play by the WR with a little luck involved. Not sure many CBs prevent that TD.

zen's Verdict: Fan over reaction

Knox can't catch!

All last year and all offseason we had to hear about Knox and his drops. You know ho didn't drop a ball in week 1? Knox. You know who did. EVERYONE else.

Where's the uproar about those drops? People talk like Allen wants a new TE. I don't believe it. I don't think Beane does either, based on his roster cuts at the end of the season.

zen's verdict: Give the man a break

This OL won't get us where we need to go!

I mean, first of all, it was the first game they ever played together. Yes, they could have been better. We need to consider that Allen threw the ball 51 times and the DL they faced. The D is going to get to the QB. If he only threw 20 times, the PIT D would have harassed him 4 times, proportionally, instead of 11. But, Josh still had enough time to make enough plays to win the game. Josh missed throws. It happens. We won't face many DLs like PITs in the future and hopefully our OL improves along the way.

zen's verdict: OL is a work in progress. Not worried. They weren't as bad as people are making it seem.

The play calling sucked!

The playcalling sucks only when it doesn't work. We say Daboll playcall this team to 15 wins last year. Let me repeat that, 15 wins! Yes, we wish some play calls were different. Or perhaps, we wish those playcalls had better outcomes. Hmm. I see people saying we need to run the ball more and have a balanced offense. Are you crazy? We have an MVP caliber QB in a passing league. This is what Bills fans have been clamoring for since Kelly retired and now we want the days of Lynch, Spiller and Jackson. Umm, no. Sorry. The Bills are a pass first team in a pass first league. That leads to wins. Did it on Sunday? No. Was it the wrong approach? No.

Were there boneheaded calls? Yes. The 4th down calls in particular. They made no sense. I had no problems with the gameplan otherwise.

zen's verdict: Coaches better get their heads screwed on for 4th down, otherwise fans are going to be calling for your heads in regards to everything else you do.

Week 2 is do or die!

I see many fans going to almost must-win territory here. It's not. Teams win divisions with a 5-1 record in the division. Is it a big game? Yes. All division games are. If we lose, am I going to be concerned? No.

zen's verdict: Almost all fans will not take a zen approach to a theoretical week 2 loss. That being said, I predict we do, in fact, squish the fish. 31-13.

Go Bills!

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