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A Letter To The Mafia Babes: Miami Dolphins edition

Week 2 - Bills/Dolphins Thoughts

This week, coming off of a painful loss to Pittsburgh, I think we will be seeing little chips on many Buffalo Bills shoulders.

One of the most talked about things revolving around our O-Line lately has been Jon Feliciano’s weight loss, and how that potentially impacted his game last week. It was clear that his game has changed, however, blaming his performance on the weight loss is something that should be avoided. He had one of the toughest matchups, going one-on-one against Cam Heyward. In a post-practice interview with Matt Parrino of, he mentioned he had actually been the one who approached offensive coordinator Brian Daboll and requested to be placed against him in that sort of scheme. He got beat, over and over, with one of those times his slip causing a crucial sack of JA17. Let’s hope we will see a Feliciano revenge game this week in Miami.

Dion Dawkins; It’s clear that he is still battling the late effects from his scary fight with Covid. Focusing on his play during the 1st quarter, he seemed to collapse in a style we don’t typically see from him. It feels like we just need to hope that as the season progresses, so will his strength and agility.

Emmanuel Sanders had a simultaneously electric and encouraging, yet frustrating debut with some impressive catches, and also some aggravating drops. Some of these can be pinned to Josh’s game play, where it felt like we returned to the 2019 Sugar-High Josh days during more plays than not. Rapid hops around the pocket, rockets into 4-man coverage with no receiver, overthrows and missed completions, the dependable accuracy we’ve come to know from him just didn’t seem to be there. This does not mean that Josh has regressed, it’s possible this could just be attributed to an energy adrenaline rush by the return of the Mafia to the stadium or the push to go lights out in the first game since a devastating loss in Kansas City, translating into some scattered tosses and questionable decision-making. Either way, the addition of Emmanuel to the team in the offseason is an interesting one, and should prove to be another reliable weapon for Josh as the chemistry grows moving forward.

Let’s hope for a cleaner offense in Week 2 when the Bills will have a chance to filet the Fins