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Marcel Louis-Jacques leaving the Buffalo Bills beat this weekend

For the second time in two-and-a-half years, ESPN will be hiring a new beat reporter for the Buffalo Bills. Earlier this week, Marcel Louis-Jacques announced he was leaving but hasn’t announced his next steps.

“Before things get too hectic, I have a personal update – this will be my last week covering the Bills,” wrote Louis-Jacques August 30th. “This community has made me feel so welcome these past two years and I can’t say enough about how much that’s meant to me. Even 2,000 miles from California I felt at home in WNY.”

He ended his statement on a positive note about the city. “I won’t miss the snow but I will miss the people and of course the food.” Louis-Jacques is from a much warmer climate, so that makes sense.

Unlike when Mike Rodak left, ESPN has not announced a replacement yet and there won’t be an overlap between the two reporters.