The Start of the College Season

Ok The NFL season starts Next Weekend so no NFL football this weekend.

Living in the Southeast College Football is king in this area. As this College season kicks off I wonder whom my fellow Buffalo Bills fans might be watching.

I will tell you the player I am keeping an eye on this year with possible hopes to see in Buffalo next year.

Let me introduce you to Jordan Davis - DT - Georgia.

Senior - 6' 6" @340 lbs.

The guy is your perfect NT. He is big, he is impossible to move. He plugs the running gaps for UGA and from time to get can collapse the pocket on passing downs.

One of the reasons I want to follow him, when asked why he came back to Georgia this year rather than the NFL draft, his answer was simple.

I want to work on my interior pass rush. He is already a beast in shutting down the run game, but he wants to get better getting to the QB as well.

You have to love the attitude, get better, play better.

So anyway I am kind of a UGA homer so fellow Bills fans which player/players are you watching this coming college season.

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