NFL Musings and Observations (PETA isn't going to like this)

One of my favorite announcers of all time is Jim Ross from the attitude era of the WWF. One of the matches is Mankind and the Undertaker in the second Hell in a Cell. During the match after the Undertaker throws Mankind through the cell on a unplanned bump Jim Ross famously utters "Will somebody stop the damn match". That i how it felt with the Bills against the Dolphins in week 2. The Bills walked into the Hard Rock Stadium and threw the Phins off of the cage through the Spanish Announcers table. Then the Bills put the Phins thru the cage. They finished off the Phins with a tombstone piledriver on the thumbtacks. Peta is en route to south Florida to investigate such a massacre. But no one stopped the damn match and the Bills continue the dominance.

Random Bills Thoughts:

1.) Josh Allen is not regressing. He didn't magically have great talent and last year used it all up and the preverbal clock hit midnight and he lost his whole mojo. What is happening? I believe this has a few issues as to why JA17 isn't starting as hot as he ended last year and parts of the 2020 season.

1.) Bills offense except for one half didn't play in preseason so they are still learning and getting into the grove.

2.) Steelers and Dolphins have good defenses.

3.) Did you think teams weren't going to watch every single snap JA17 had last year and see what worked and what didn't and come up with new wrinkles.

4.) JA17 naturally aggressive nature needs to be reined in because teams are playing often with the we will not allow you to go deep. JA17 is aggressive but he needs to sometimes just take the easy pass instead of forcing it down the field.

5.) Sometimes Daboll has become way too cute and complex. The best drive of the day was right after the 2nd half started and the Bills played very relaxed. They worked in the whole offense and specially Cole Beasley. Bills sometimes are their own worse enemy on offense.

2.) Zach Moss needs to be on the field. The second TD that Moss had was pure runner vs. defender and Moss won. The thing that Moss gives the Bills is a hammer approach. The Bills are going to need that hammer in the 4th quarter. Moss on that last TD run it looked and sounded like a big hit and he won. That kind of running just wears a defense down.

3.) Dawson Knox needs to be used more in the offense. The Bills have too many weapons to be stale. But I think sometimes the Bills forget about Knox and Beasley. Notice when the Bills were going at their best they were getting everyone involved. This maybe part of the issue for the offensive issues starting this year. Make the defense play defend every single blade of grass, or rubber pellet depending if its artificial turf.

4.) GROOT! He had himself a game yesterday and it was during a heavy rotation game. The one thing I noticed about Groot is that he has good instincts. On his first sack he dropped into coverage and as Brissett got out of the pocket he recognized and closed fast. The one thing I noticed about Groot is that he is BIG! He isn't the little engine that could but rather is a bona fide man who is learning how to play.

5.) AJ Epenesa had a coming out party yesterday. He was all over the place and was a man on a mission. Do you remember in any of the Star Wars movies when someone like Yoda, Darth Vader, Obi Wan Kenobi wouod say they felt a disturbance in the force? Well yesterday AJ was the disturbance to the phins. If I am going to liken AJ to a Star Wars character I would make him the 2003 General Grievous version. From the creator of Samauri Jack and oddly enough Dexter's Laboratory this is what pure domination looks like. Also, what General Grievous should of been instead of basically a punch line.

6.) I'm not one of those guys who will say that I love the over the top celebrations. Some are clever but I have never been a huge fan of the over the top celebrations. With that said the taunting penalties are just silly. Levi Wallace made a hell of a great play and BOOM penalty. That just looked cringeworthy for the NFL to call a penalty on that play. I truly believe that most can see the line between some trash talking and a person acting like a jackass. I remember during homecoming a guy would come out at 9 AM and start up his lawn mower as the parade was happening and that was his way of keeping kids off his lawn. He was a jerk, the NFL is on their lawn mower during homecoming to stop people from celebrating.

7.) Matt Milano is just a different linebacker. But I want people to think about Matt Milano in terms of money as compared to other Linebackers in the league. Now he isn't really a outside or inside linebacker because how the Bills play their LBs. They normally run a weak side or strong side and in some instances short field or wide field. But break it down in terms of money. Milano averages 10.5 million a year. Looking at Darious Leonard of the Colts is he twice as good as Milano? Is Fred Warner almost twice as good as Milano? I just wanted to show those numbers and realize ow good of a deal Milano gave the Bills. Also, the Bills understand and use Milano to the best of his abilitiy.

8.) No issues with any player that needed an IV yesterday. I have lived in San Antonio, I currently live in the deep south in the middle of Mississippi and have been to the Middle East. Sometimes you just can't prepare for weather. That humidity in Miami was like walking in soup.

9.) The Bills are in the heads of the Dolphins. How can you say otherwise? This was a one sided ass kicking with a one legged man. But for some reason JA17 and Sean McDermott have great success against the Dolphins. It is almost to the point that I'm even curious how the Bills are always so good against the Phins. It's like the Bills are Brock Samson and the Dolphins are just a member of the Monarchs henchman.

Random NFL Thoughts:

1.) I made a mistake with Carson Wentz and my belief he was a good decision to trade for by the Colts. He is way to injury prone and unless he starts changing up his game style he will never be that MVP candidate he was a few years ago. Both ankles hurt and under going tests today and the plays he got hurt on it looked like he was fighting for another yard or two? Who cares???? it's not the game changing drive. He needs to learn to play another down.

2.) I was right about Big Ben; he's done. This is not up for debate as it has become evident that Father Time always wins. Some people can prolong when Father Time wins most notably Tom Brady but in the end Father Time will win. Big Ben is done. He looked old against the Raiders. Put it this way... if the Bills got out of their own way the Steelers would be 0-2.

3.) Patrick Mahomes is not perfect. The last three games have shown that Patrick Mahomes is mortal. The Bucs and Ravens have beaten Mahomes and the Chiefs and have shown that Mahomes is, in fact, human! But this doesn't reflect the narrative on Mahomes being almost superhuman. I love watching Mahomes however he is beatable.

4.) "Mama said there'll be days like this

There'll be days like this, mama said
(Mama said, mama said)
Mama said there'll be days like this
There'll be days like this, my mama said
(Mama said, mama said)"

Looking at you Zach Wilson as you looked bad against the Patriots. But it was only your second day but the same issue that I didn't like with Buffalo in 2018 I see in New York. Where is the whole mentor for Wilson? Notice that when the Bills brought in Matt Barkley he started to drastically grow as a QB? Who is it for the Jets?

5.) How can the Jets have Denzil Mims a second round pick on the practice squad? Either play him or trade him. But storing him on the practice squad is by far the worse place for Mims. He doesn't get game time reps and the longer he is on the practice squad the less value he will have in a trade. I have defended Joe Douglas the Jets GM because I liked him coming out of Philly but I hate this move.

6.) The New York teams are just....they're crap. I want to give the first two game records of the New York teams since 2017. The Jet and Giants after week two since 2017 is a combined 1-19. This is just terrible. What's the issue with the franchises in NY? So what's the issue? First, lets have some honest conversations. The Giants are a dysfunctional franchise but they seem to not be labeled as such. Why? Because the Giants are kind of a cornerstone of the NFL. But are they now? No. But alas the Giants have got to admit that they need to change. The Jets are dysfunctional, everyone knows they're dysfunctional and it goes back to the owners. But the New York teams are simply put BAD!

7.) Tua has never looked like a Super Star and frankly I don't believe he will ever become a Super Star. Tua looks like a ten year back up a very high end back up but a back up. I have to ask, what does Tua do that is elite? Josh Allen has elite arm strength, I mean probably the strongest in the league. Lamar Jackson has elite mobility. Mahomes has elite instincts over anything else. But what does Tua have? He has nothing that pops off the screen when you watch him. I'll ask anyone to change my mind but to be a QB in the league and have long term success something need to be elite in your tool box, or you become an average starter at best.

8.) I don't know what happened with Will Fuller and Miami. He missed the game due to personal reasons and I fully support this. We have to start taking care of ourselves mentally as people. I know this is a billion dollar industry but I wish him the best of luck.

9.) Why does the Football Gods hate Vikings kickers? Seriously, they can't seem to catch a break. But just like everything in life you can trust a few things. Death, taxes, the rise of stamps will increase, and the Vikings kickers will suck.

10.) Darnold looks good but the key to everything for Darnold is not playing for the Jet. Want to know what the Jets are, the Jets happen to be New York in Escape from New York and Darnold managed to be Snake Plisken and escaped.

Have a great week!

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