Looking for the 2020 Josh Allen?

Look no further than the 5 scoring drives against Miami that resulted in 35 points.

During those 5 drives, Josh's stats:

13 out of 19 for 158 yards

2 TDs

68% completion

8.3 yards per attempt

Long completions of 22, 35 and 41 yards.

128.8 qb rating

Yes, there were several bad drives in the 1st half. One ended on a fumble. One ended on a pick. And one ended on a missed FG. And during those there was a sprinkling of Josh miscues.

But, the offense scored TDs on 3 out of 4 drives in the 2nd half. Putting the game out of reach.

One can choose to focus on the errors of the first half, or one can choose to focus on what went right with Josh and the offense.

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