Predict the Score Week 3, WFT v Bills!

Good evening. Thursday night football will be kicking off soon so I thought I'd give you something to enjoy as you peruse your favorite site before settlin' in for kickoff. Recapping last week, Buffalo squished the aquatic mammals to a tune of 35-0. And a lot of players guessed that Buffalo would score 35 points...but few players predicted the Bills would lead a shut-out. One such Billiever was DontBeThatGuy, correctly seeing a shut out and getting close to the final with a prediction of 43-0, Buffalo. Perhaps it was the beer-goggles, eh? This week, we all try to be that guy in order to beat that guy. Enjoy your fleeting moments of fame as your name get's tagged to this year's Wall of Winners!

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Week 3, WFT vs Buffalo: This weekend, that football team from the nation's capital comes to town to face the Buffalo Bills. No glorious return for Fitzpatrick, WTF? Heinecke will lead the offense while Chase Young looks to lead a strong defensive unit trying to help Josh Allen Regress into his rookie form. (I know what you're thinking, "don't be that guy!") Buffalo is a strong 7.5 point favorite with the over/under at 44.5 points.

Buffalo 38, WFT 13: Josh Allen and the offense get back on track with the final result leading to 3 more points on the score board than last week. Zach Moss continues to rack up points on my fantasy bench with 2 more TD's (1 passing, 1 receiving). Diggs adds 2 additional TDs and has over 100 yards receiving. The defense is still strong, Edmunds gets his first turnover of the season. Josh Allen does throw one interception for us to overreact to next week.

The Two-cent Report: I called this "Thoughts I thought" or something like that last week. I might call it something else next week.

  • There's no wrong way to comment on this post. I love the creative, sometimes crazy write-ups, the simple statements, heady breakdowns, the multiple late-night drunk postings, the super homers, the negative nancys and the gentle ribbing between the fanbase.
  • Next year they'll be the RedWolves. Call up Vegas and put whatever you can afford to bet on it on it.

Wall of Winners:

Week 1: hockey-time

Week 2: DontBeThatGuy

Enjoy the game tonight and Happy Prognosticating!

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