7 Former Buffalo Bills in this years Nomination Class for HOF

The NFL has 122 former players nominated this year, in November that number will drop to 25, and then down to 15 again in January.

So who are the former Bills and what are their chances.

  • Ruben Brown, Guard - (1995 - 2003) - I could see Brown make into the top 25. He was one of the best Guards in the late 1990's to early 2000's. Multiple Pro Bowl nods and a dominant player.
  • Cornelius Bennett, Linebacker - (1987 - 1995) - Bennett I believe will remain somewhat of a lighting rod. He was good, I mean really good. Might even be Hall Worthy. However some off field issues may be enough, combined he was never hands down the best defender of the era, to keep him out. I would say 50/50 shot at final 25
  • Larry Centers, Fullback (2001 - 2002) - Majority of his career was spent outside of Buffalo, lets be honest, Larry is not Hall Worthy.
  • London Fletcher, Linebacker (2002-2006) - Hands down a fan favorite, would be a clear member of the Hall of Really Good. London was a leader on the field, a great player in his day, but was never quite the man and was always being replaced for some reason. Again a player who could slip into the top 25 but I personally don't think so
  • Troy Vincent, Cornerback (2004-2005) - again a player who spent most of his career outside of Buffalo. One of the better corners of his era but not the best. Will get some consideration but I don't seem him as a Hall of Fame player.
  • Takeo Spikes, Linebacker (2003-2006) - Takeo was a very good player, but Hall of Fame Worthy, No like Fletcher he would be in the Hall of Really Good.
  • Steve Tasker, Special Teams (1986-1997) - Ok time for the Soap Box. Every Coach preaches 3 phases to the game - Offense, Defense, and Special Teams. The people who vote for the Hall seem to want to pretend that there is only 2 phase to the game and overlook the core special teams players. Tasker was a game changing player, other teams and coaches started to modify how they approach the game because of Steve Tasker, Rules were changed and Modified because of Steve Tasker. If there is any player on this list who belongs in the Hall of Fame it is Steve Tasker. Clearly I think he will be on the top 25. He should be elected and this is the year he should go in. That is my 2 cents on the matter, I get that we will likely be discussing his Snub later in January but I am all aboard the Steve Train!

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