NFL Musings and Observations (It is hard to win)

The Bills have two outstanding wins against the Dolphins and the Football Team. But looking around the NFL and something has become clear...winning in the NFL is HARD! That is why the Bills winning in the fashion they have won in the last two weeks is impressive. I'm not saying they beat the two best teams in the league back to back but it is impressive to win the way they have won. In a league where any given sunday truly means something the Ravens needed Justin Tucker booting a 66 year field goal at sea level! The Chiefs are below .500 for the first time in like five years. The NFL is the hardest league to have success because there are so many movie parts. 22 starters, coaches, scouts, a salary cap which is kind of a hard number and not suggested like in other sports.

Random Bills thoughts:

1.) Holy Crap Josh Allen looked like Josh Allen. In our society we want instant gratification. We want everything to look as we believe it should look and we want it now. We have become that spoiled girl in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. But it took Josh Allen to the third game to play a complete game and people were already trying to say he was a fluke? That just didn't hold water.

2.) The offense looked so much more efficient with a commitment from the running game. The Bills are NEVER going to be a running team. That is not how they are built however for those who play poker, you need to bluff every now and then. If you never bluff everyone knows how you play. Bluffing is needed to just keep players honest. The Bills and the running game is almost a bluff; but it keeps the other team honest.

3.) The offense played within the game. When teams have weapons they feel obligated to push the ball down the field. The Bills did this of course but they also really embraced the take what the defense is giving them. The Bills looked so damn efficient that the Bills neutralized a very good defensive front seven for the Football Team.

4.) Dion Dawkins is starting to look like the Dion Dawkins we have known. I believe he was not ready to play against the Steelers but he is now rounding into form. For the most part how much influence did Chase Young have in the game? If Dion Dawkins is coming into form, that is huge!

5.) Not all pressure is based off of sacking the QB. But the Bills defensive line was good at continuing pushing the pocket. IT become obvious that the Bills were going to have to face the quick passing game as the Football Team did not go for huge chunk plays.

6.) The offense is better when Cole Beasley is having a concentrated effort to be involved. He just forces teams to defend both vertically but horizontally. The Bills are at their best when they make teams defend the whole field. I feel like sometimes they get consumed by the deep pass.

7.) Matt Milano is underrated.... that the whole thing and I believe he is ok with that. Milano is who he is and he didn't want to make a huge contract but wanted to remain in Buffalo.

8.) Edmunds has his good and bad every single week. I'm not a film junkie but it feels like he always has a good play but a head sctratcher play.

9.) Sanders is better than John Smokey Brown and I'm ok with the Bills moving off of Brown watching Sanders and how he plays. He just is a more complete WR and it shows.

10.) The Bills have a complete team. No team is perfect, the days of the full loaded team is over. But the Bills for the most part have a complete team or better said the most complete team as possible. Could they have better players at certain spots? YES, but that really isn't possible in this era of football. Folks, lets have fun watching.

Random NFL Thoughts:

1.) To the Patriots let me just say, life comes at you fast! That's the whole point of how hard it is to win in the NFL. Coach Belicheck is often regarded as the best Head Coach in the league and has one play berth without Brady. I'm not going to do the research but I think the other playoff berth Belicheck has without Brady is in Cleveland. So now the Patriots are 1-2 with Mac Jones a rookie QB. Teams are not going to take it easy on them and Mac Jones doesn't know what he doesn't know. Life comes at you fast.

2.) Can we take a moment and really just understand that when opportunities comes you need to take it. This of course is the Josh McDaniels time to discuss that he had a head coaching job and refused to take it. Look at his offense now? Still feel like it is one of those cutting edge offenses? Still think he is one of those elite offensive minds? Life comes at you fast.

3.) Matt Nagy and the Bears are going to crush Justin Fields. First the support of the surrounding positions? Yea, after Allen Robinson it isn't impressive. How about his scheme? They ended up with the same passing yards as Mitch Tribisky. I'm not making that up, that is a fact. I'll be honest.... the Bears need to blow it up.

4.) Chief are mortal but still very good. Here's the thing and it's true. They had multiple positions changes with new faces. They don't have a Sammy Watkins as the #5th offensive weapon. Life after success gets harder.

5.) The Jags suck and they just read 9th overall CB to the Panthers. They suck.

Have a great week!

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