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Bills vs Texans: Five Questions with Battle Red Blog

This could be another beat down for Buffalo.

After a disappointing Week 1 loss to start the season, the Buffalo Bills have been rolling the past couple of games heading into Week 4. Meanwhile for the Houston Texans, they are trending in the opposite direction after a Week 1 victory. This is not a game to overlook before a big showdown against the Kansas City Chiefs, however, because anything can happen on any given Sunday. To preview the game we talked to Jeremy Brener over at Battle Red Blog.

1) What have been the early impressions of David Culley?

Better than expected? I think he has garnered the respect of the players in the locker room, which is incredibly important. Culley is a bridge coach, but he’s been handed an opportunity he’s waited over 35 years for as an assistant. A lot of people criticized the hire, but from where the Texans are as an organization, he is the right hire as he adds this energy into the building that wouldn’t be there otherwise. In terms of his in-game decisions, there’s a lot left to be desired. He definitely looks like a rookie head coach at times.

2) How was the offense forced to change when Tyrod Taylor got injured?

We understand the Tyrod hype now. We love him. Especially considering the alternative in Davis Mills, who struggled mightily in his first career start on Thursday Night Football. Mills needs to learn to get the ball out of the pocket a lot quicker than he did in college. This forces offensive coordinator Tim Kelly to draw up a lot of nickel-dime dump-off passes instead of going to a deep ball like you could do more often with Tyrod.

3) Where can this team easily improve on, early in the season?

Everywhere. It’s just not a good football team. It’s composed of a lot of veterans that were castoffs from other teams and couldn’t get another contract anywhere else. This gives your team a “chip on your shoulder” vibe, but that only gets you so far. Talent is what helps most in the NFL, and the Texans don’t have a lot of it compared to other teams.

4) The defense is giving up more than 100 yards per game on the ground. How can they improve to get that number down?

Ask very nicely for the Bills to not run the football. Or maybe bring prime J.J. Watt back? Or a prime Lawrence Taylor? The front seven still might give up more than 100 yards even with those guys. You could stuff the box as much as you can but the issue is you cannot do that against the Bills. Allen can find Stefon Diggs or Emmanuel Sanders for a deep pass and the drive ends quickly.

5) Predictions for the game Sunday?

Bills 52, Texans 10. I really think this one is going to be a blowout. Bills score on offense and defense. Texans, maybe if they’re lucky, get a garbage time touchdown.