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ESPN has announced new Bills beat reporter is Alaina Getzenberg

ESPN on Tuesday announced two changes to their lineup of NFL team reporters, including the departure of Marcel Louis-Jacques, the Buffalo Bills beat reporter. When we reported on this last week, we didn’t know who the successor was going to be but now we do; former Charlotte Observer reporter Alaina Getzenberg.

Jacques is heading to South Beach to cover the Miami Dolphins for ESPN.

Saying “another Panthers-Bills transaction (of sorts) in the books,” Getzenberg is moving from covering the Carolina Panthers beat, where she has spent the last 22 months replacing Louis-Jacques. She will attempt to do that again in Buffalo.

Getzenberg graduated from Cal-Berkley in 2017 and is originally from Maryland. She interned with the Washington Football Team in 2016.

“I’m pumped to explore this city and get to know Bills Mafia. I know I have big shoes to fill, but [Marcel Louis Jacques] made sure I was all set for the transition. Snow scraper. Let’s go.”

The previous Bills’ beat reporter was Mike Rodak, who also stayed with ESPN when he moved to Alabama. He left the beat in 2019 to transfer with his wife and new baby.