Tomorrow, our long wait will be over. The 2021 NFL regular season will finally begin, and personally- I cannot wait!

Some of you might remember a silly video I posted here back in early January, after our Bills completed their best regular season in almost 30 years. That video was titled 'LEAGUE WARS: The Mafia Awakens!' (It's still called that BTW). This video 'told the story of the rise and fall of the New England Patriots, along with the resurrection of the Buffalo Bills- fueled by the ascent of quarterback Josh Allen'. It was a satirical newsy that was designed to get us pumped for the playoffs and hopefully, tickle the funny bones of Bills fans (as well as Star Wars fans).

With the '21 season now upon us, I felt like that video was still relevant, and deserved another look. But it just needed a refresh- one that would include some new info (and perhaps a few more jokes). That refresh is ready, so here's the link:

Enjoy! And of course- LET'S GO BUFFALO!

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