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Bills fans are mostly back to feeling confident again, per SB Nation Reacts voting

Not all the way there yet

After two consecutive wins including a big divisional contest, fans of the Buffalo Bills are almost all the way back on the bandwagon. That’s according to our SB Nation fan voting this week.

One week after 78 percent of Bills fans were on board and two weeks after falling to 30 percent, it’s back up to 90 percent of Bills fans who think the team is headed in the right direction. The win over the New England Patriots put Buffalo into first place in the AFC East a week after righting the ship against the Carolina Panthers.

Fans of the Detroit Lions (97 percent!!!), Kansas City Chiefs (97 percent), Cincinnati Bengals (95 percent), Tampa Bay Buccaneers (95 percent), and Los Angeles Rams (93 percent) are the only ones optimistic at a higher rate than Bills fans.

In a concurrent poll of just fans of the Kansas City Chiefs, the Bills came in second for the team that scares them the most. The Chiefs can clinch the top seed and a first-round bye with a win this weekend and a Tennessee Titans’ loss. Frankly, we’re scared of the Colts, too.

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