Home Field (Dis) Advantage?

Watching the Bills at home the last few weeks makes me nervous as hell that the home field advantage might, in fact, be a disadvantage.

On the plus side, it was good to see McD finally taking the wind at his back in the fourth quarter. How it has taken all these years for him to figure it out is a conundrum.

However, watching JA and Haack in the third quarter was like being stretched on a medieval rack. For a while, it looked like I was out there throwing for the Bills. Either JA was way off or our WRs were in a parallel universe. And Haack? Made me wonder if he was a member of the Keystone Kops in a previous life. One of the worst punting exhibitions against the wind in Highmark that I can recall. On the one effort, his hands weren't even working.

The last few home games have looked (IMO) disjointed, disorganized, and just plain mediocre. No rhythm, no flow, no momentum. Frankly, yesterday's performance against a formidable team could have/would have had a different outcome. Thank goodness the defense can play in Highmark.

So, this brings us to the playoff game Saturday night against the Death Star. Will the Bills finally harness the "home field advantage"? Or will it be a repeat of the last home encounter with the Pats? Will McD have amnesia and choose to buck the wind in the fourth? Inquiring minds....

My suggestions to the Bills: Make sure you have the wind in the fourth. Daboll needs to use Singletary more (Motor seems to have a hot hand or legs) and hot is good this time of year. Use McKenzie more with jet sweeps. Neutralize Belichick's mind control over the refs. For the love of all that is holy, do not get into a situation where Haack has to punt into the wind (or at all). And finally, have the "D" put a cork in McCorkle.

Go Bills!

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