To deal with the playoff jitters, repeat after me "Jakoś to będzie"

This Wildcard Weekend NFL Players will have their routines and spoken and unspoken mantras to deal with game day jitters. This mindset rolls into the first set of downs at the beginning of the game. For example I have noticed that Josh Allen after his first hit of the day literally springs up from the field with a wide grin that combines "This is Awesome!" with "Let’s Go Buffalo!".

If you get a chance to visit Poland (or perhaps the Broadway Market around Dyngus Day) you may hear people say ‘Jakoś to będzie’ (pronounced ‘Ya-kosh toe ben-jay’). These are words of encouragement, and conventionally the phrase means ‘things will work out in the end’. Another positive polish phrase is ‘palma odbija’– literally: "the palm tree sprouts/bounces back". There is an artificial palm tree that stands in the center of Warsaw called ‘Pozdrowienia z Alej Jerozolimskich’ (Greetings from Jerusalem Avenue). The Palm Tree is a surprising sight in that often cold, grey city and is accepted by the locals as an example of the Jakoś to będzie mentality.

Whether you are attending the game or watching from home, will you have the Wildcard Jitters? Share your game day routines and mantras, and what special plans you have this Saturday evening.

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