Payback Time Coach Hoodie

It was Bill Belichick's defense that beat us in the Super Bowl on 1/27/91. It was also his defense and Tom Brady that owned us for a couple of decades of nightmarish losses. It was Bill Belichick's defense and running game that took our breath away earlier this year in Buffalo and hung another painful loss that again perpetuated the loyal Bills fans suffering and opened the door again to all of our horrible memories of how the Patriots have burned us over the years.

Well; it's Payback Time! It's time to put the Hoodie and his gang of bogeymen down once and for all! The Josh Allen Express will run through the Patriots and our resurgent defense will put down MJ10 and their running game on Saturday.

New England's nightmare for the next decade or two starts Saturday. And I can't think of a better place or better time for it to happen than in our own back yard in front of thousands of enraged fans who embrace our weather and will help carry our team to a very satisfying victory that hopefully will propel us to hosting the Lombardi next month!

Your time is up Coach Hoodie!

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