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AFC Playoff Picture: Bills will play highest remaining seed after Titans

The Bills’ opponent isn’t set yet for next weekend

The Buffalo Bills wiped the floor with the New England Patriots on Saturday night, but who they will play in the divisional round is still up in the air. On Saturday afternoon, the Cincinnati Bengals advanced to the divisional round with their win over the Las Vegas Raiders.

Still to play in the AFC are the Kansas City Chiefs and Pittsburgh Steelers. Whoever wins that game will determine the Bills’ opponent.

If the Chiefs win, the Bills will travel to Kansas City in a bid to avenge their loss from last year’s playoffs. The Bengals as the lowest remaining seed would head to the Tennessee Titans.

If the Steelers beat the Chiefs, Pittsburgh as the lowest remaining seed would go to the first seed Tennessee Titans and the Bills would host the Bengals in a battle of the formerly downtrodden.

Either way, Buffalo’s passing defense is going to be tested in a way they weren’t against Mac Jones and the New England Patriots. We will have to wait until Sunday night to know when, who, and where the Bills will play next.