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Josh Allen, Buffalo Bills were absurd against Patriots in Wild Card; list the accomplishments

We list the absurd stats and details from Saturday night

The Buffalo Bills, specifically the offense, were absurdly good against the New England Patriots on Saturday night. With a suggestion from our social media manager, who saw the timeline flooded with just absolutely crazy stats, we’ve compiled some here for you. If you saw one we missed, pop it into the comments section.

We’ll start with the team and move to Allen.

  • The Bills scored a touchdown on every drive. They are the first team in NFL history to not punt, not attempt a field goal, and not have a turnover. Eight drives for seven touchdowns and the end of the game.
  • Buffalo had more touchdowns (7) than third-down attempts (6).
  • In Week 16, the Bills were the first team to not be forced to punt by a Bill Belichick defense. On Saturday night, they became the second. They haven’t punted in 20 straight possessions against the Patriots and their only three drives without a score in that time frame are when the clock hit zeroes at the end of the halves.
  • It was the fourth-most points allowed in franchise history.
  • The 30-point loss is the second-worst in Belichick history. Buffalo’s 31-0 opening week shutout in 2003 barely tops it.
  • The Bills became the first team to ever score four straight touchdowns to open a game against Belichick. Of course they didn’t stop there, scoring seven straight.
  • Football Outsiders has it as the second-best offensive performance of all-time, but Aaron Schatz says if you factor in penalties, the Bills was the best.
  • It’s the second-most points ever scored by the Bills in a playoff game. You might remember the 51-3 win in the AFC Championship in January 1991.
  • Not exactly absurd, but still noteworthy; zero sacks allowed, zero tackles for a loss, one QB hit.

  • Josh Allen had more touchdowns (5) than incompletions (4). Only five QBs have ever done that; Daryle Lamonica (1969), Peyton Manning (2004), Tom Brady (2008), Kurt Warner (2010), and now Allen (2022).
  • The five touchdown passes was the most ever in a playoff game by a Bills QB.
  • Allen set the record for highest QBR in the history of the stat (2006) with a 98.5 Total QBR. The record had been held by Tom Brady for 14 years.
  • He is the first player in NFL history with 5 passing TDs, 80+% completion percentage, and 50+ rushing yards in a single game.
  • He’s the first QB in NFL playoff history with 300+ passing yards, 5 TDs, and 60+ rushing yards.
  • According to PFF, he averaged one expected point added per dropback, the most efficient QB performance since PFF started collecting data in 2006.
  • Allen’s passer rating of 157.6 is the second-best ever in a playoff game behind a perfect 158.3 by Peyton Manning in 2004.