What Changed Last Night

What an absolutely incredible game. We just witnessed the best offensive performance in NFL history, and I'd argue in the entire history of organized football. That it was against a team that terrorized us for my entire living memory was just icing on the cake. Belichick's body language was the cherry on top of that icing.

Something BIG changed last night, but it took me a little while to figure out exactly what it was. It wasn't about the defense, which has given the Patriots fits, even when they had Brady, ever since McDermott & Frazier arrived. It wasn't anything about Josh Allen; he's proven himself in the playoffs and against New England in the last couple years. It wasn't the balance of power in the AFC East, which was already in Buffalo.

Here's what I think changed after last night's game: The Patriots are just another team now. The aura of terror around them is officially gone, obliterated by a JuggerKnox with a 10,000 horsepower Motor. That's not to say New England can be disregarded like say, the Jets, but now they're just another decent-to-good team we have to beat if we want better playoff seeding. No more voice in the back of our heads saying that this is only a brief interlude and that they'll be back once Belichick has a few more weeks of film study in his Sith Alchemy lab. No more biting our fingernails after every miniscule mistake or iffy call (I will keep swearing at the refs though). For the first time since the Wade Phillips--or possibly the Marv Levy--era, we're on offense against the Patriots, and we're staying on offense until Belichick retires because he can't even make us f*cking punt.

Breaking that aura of terror is as big of an accomplishment as breaking the drought, and every single person in the organization deserves credit for it, from Beane to McDermott to Daboll to Frazier to Allen to Hyde to whoever cooked that chicken broth. Every last one of them was operating at their full potential yesterday, and it led to an absolutely glorious night.


On to the Super Bowl now, whether it's through Arrowhead, Tennessee, the Ralph, or the gates of Hell. No brakes. No mercy. No looking back. Not until the work is done.

But when we do get to look back on last night at the end of the season, we'll be basking in the afterglow for a long, long, long time.

We've certainly earned it.

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