Sunday Game Thread

I'm not sure why there isn't a thread for those watching the game today. We can use this one to put down our thoughts and reactions to the games today. I'll start:

Even former brittle QB called out the refs for bailing out Brady's back-to-back INC with a "nothing-the-passer" call. The DE hit him in the hip, didn't dump his weight on him, and even tried to hold him up as the two men went to the ground. He even, knowing how the refs are with Brady, gave Brady a hand up. Didn't matter. Hitting Brady = roughing the passer in the mind of NFL refs to the point that you really do have to wonder if refs are flat out instructed to throw those flags pretty much any time anyone puts a hand on him after the coin toss. Tampa went on to score on that drive so it is Refs 7 Eagles 0 as I type this.

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