NFL Musings and Observations (Team Alternating Games)

There are games that change the direction of a franchise. The Music City Miracle to me changed the direction of the Buffalo Bills franchise as the Flutie curse truly hit the organization. The Tuck Rule Game just skyrocketed and started the Patriots dynasty. The Raiders losing the way they did against the Tampa Bay Bucs in the Gruden Superbowl just sunk the Raiders for years. The Oilers losing to the Bills in the "Comeback" game ended that franchise. The Falcons against the Patriots and 28-3 occurred. These kind of games just change the direction of a franchise. I believe that a Team Alternating Game or TAG for short occurred yesterday. It truly did so lets take a look at both teams to see how they will have to take a look at the Bills beating the Patriots in the Wildcard.

Bills: This game for the Bills officially establishes that the Bills run the AFC East and I believe will be a power in the AFC for the next decade. The game that Josh Allen was able to put together is nothing less than a top three playoff performance ever. I mean that literally, his stats match up with Peyton Manning and Kurt Warner. The defense was harassing the Patriots all night. What else? The Patriots coaching staff were thoroughly out coached. That doesn't happen that often to Coach Belicheck. But here we are as the Bills coaching staff out coached the Patriots. Every single thing the Bills planned worked. Also, it finally silenced any doubt of the legendary lazy take "It's the Patriots" to describe why someone would pick the Patriots to beat the Bills.

Patriots: To all the Patriots fans out there the dynasty was put to death yesterday officially. I know some would say it was the last Tom Brady game but some held out hope. It was Belicheck he just needs to reload. So they gave him a year with Cam Newton but it was really for Mac Jokes a carbon copy of Tom Brady some claimed. It's over, it's done with, the DYNASTY IS DEAD! There is no excuses, there is nothing that can be said. But here is what the Patriots have to think about and work with. The Linebackers are slow and need to be replaced. Matthew Judon disappeared in the last month of the season. The Patriots still lack a true Number 1 WR and Bourne is a nice piece he isn't a viable number 1 WR. They have a ton of money tied up in the Tight Ends and they're good but are they elite? Here's the other thing. Also, the Patriots Way where the players get treated poorly in comparison of other franchises. Do players and free agents really want to be treated in the Patriots Way if they're not winning and going far in the playoffs? Honest talk, the Patriots the last three season has finished with blow out lose to the Titans in the Wild Card, missed the playoffs and blow out lose to the Bills in the wild card. Patriots fans welcome to the next chapter.

Random Bills Thoughts:

1.) Josh Allen is an elite QB in the NFL. Any and I mean ANY detractors can not say otherwise. He was dialed in yesterday and it was amazing. But someone said Coach Belicheck was going to dial something up that he hasn't seen before. That's simply not true anymore. He has reached that point of his career where he has seen pretty much every possible coverage. The one missing part of JA17s game was patience. That part is going to make the Bills offense so difficult to defend. When patience is applied with his amazing arm talent it puts so much pressure on a defense to defend every blade of grass or turf.

2.) I don't believe Dawson Knox is an elite TE. But I think he is just a shade believe elite. If he continues this kind of of development he is going to earn some serious money. Can the Bills afford him? Depends on who you want to pay money to? But he is going to be expensive. The unknown for Knox is will he take a reasonable offer from the Bills to stay with Josh Allen or does he want the bank buster deal? A reasonable deal would be roughly 12 million a year. That would put him right below Mark Andrews from the Ravens.

3.) Dion Dawkins is a steal for the Bills. Amazing talent, loves Buffalo and has a great contract. He simply took Matt Judon out of the game. Completely out and it was something I don't believe would happen because of how Belicheck schemes and Judon is a good pass rusher. He has a bad bout of Covid but he has finally turned into form and that is needed for the Bills push.

4.) Tremaine Edmunds is truly one of the most whipped players on this site and twitter. Is he Fred Warner? No, but he is still a damn good LB. 89 total rushing yards is a big achievement. Some of this is of course from the Patriots needing to play catch up. Edmunds over the last few games has elavated his game and it shows. Good for him.

5.) I don't know what it is but Diggs has JC Jackson number and it's hilarious. He makes claims of being an island and Diggs acts like Captain Jack Sparrow as he goes to his island, steals his rum and sings a pirate song before leaving. This is why I'm very picky with the word "elite" because that means it is incredibly selective. Let me ask a simple question because I believe the top 10 percent can be considered elite. If there are 32 teams in the league that means 3 CBs in the league are truly elite. Is JC Jackson in those three? Nope.

6.) Hyde's interception is one of the best interceptions I have ever seen. It reminded me of the Mickey Mantle or Joe Dimaggio catch. I forget who did it for the Yankees but he is running and just catches it as it drops into the bucket right behind them as he is running. Just an absurdly talented play.

7.) The reason for the interception other than the talent of Hyde was that Mac Jokes has limited arm strength. For him to make those farther throws he needs to put so much arc under the ball. Did anyone else notice how long it takes from him to throw a out. I think that a deep out from the far hash is simply not going to happen. That limits an offense so much when the defense doesn't have to defend the complete field.

8.) Can we admit that Brian Daboll is a damn good offensive mind and a damn good pay caller? Now, how did he do on his interviews? I'm pretty sure he just sent them the 7 drives, 7 TDs, no punts and say this is what I'm about. I have said this for awhile now but I think Brian Daboll is the Bears next head coach. He has been fantastic.

9.) Leslie Frazier deserves some credit for adjusting his defense to the point where it is one of the best in the league. Will he be another Head Coach? Maybe, I could see him taking over for a team that needs a steady hand. What might keep him from being a head coach is his age and more specifically I believe it's because he is a defensive guy.

10.) Huge props to Sean McDermott and Brandon Beane for building this team.

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