The Emperor has no Clothes.

The king is dead long live the king.

There was much talk and much debate going into Wildcard weekend regarding if the Buffalo Bills could hold up against the Mighty Bill Belichick.

Was our defense really as good as our #1 ranking or did we benefit from playing some bad offenses.

Could our offense perform against the mighty Patriots Defense. This was after a Bill Belichick coached team and Bill Belichick is arguably the greatest defensive minded coach in the history of the NFL. Could McDermott and company possibly keep up with the greatest coach in the modern era?

Well it looks like the Emperor has no clothes. Belichick and the Patriots just got pounded in the playoffs. They looked like a team that had no business even being there.

Buffalo put up the first perfect offensive game in the history of the NFL. That is mind blowing by the way, they scored at will they moved the ball at will and New England had no answer

I am firmly in the camp at this point that Belichick success was driven by Tom Brady vs. by Belichick himself. Sure he was the coach.

Sure he is 290 wins to 143 losses as a head coach, sure he is 31 wins and 12 loses in the playoff.

Now lets take away Brady (Seasons in which Brady was not the primary starter)

Coaching record - 69-76

Playoff record - 1- 2

27 seasons as a head coach

8 seasons where Brady was not the primary starter - 3 of those seasons were above .500 how about with Tom Brady?

well that is 19 seasons - Never had a losing record to make matters worse in those 19 Brady lead seasons they only had less than 10 wins 1 time.

Sorry folks but the Emperor's robes was a guy by the name of Brady who has never had a losing record as a quarterback and has 1 more Superbowl win than his former head coach.

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