What is Diggs thinking?

We have all seen the pictures of Stefon Diggs attending the Dallas Cowboys game over the weekend in support of his brother. But we also witnessed the picture of Diggs amongst Dallas fans that are without masks in a stadium that doesn't ask for proof whether you are vaccinated or not. While I appreciate the support that Diggs shows toward his brother, with an upcoming and pivotal playoff game coming up next weekend, you would think that he would be more cautious and careful and not risk getting Covid!

We will see how the week plays out and hopefully we don't hear about Diggs suddenly being tested and not being able to play. This is the same guy after the Chiefs loss last year that was on the field afterwards distraught and wondering what might have been. Well Diggs, you have another shot at the Chiefs, let's hope you get it and that our worst fears are tempered!

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