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One-Stat Recap: Buffalo Bills pummel the New England Patriots

The Perfect Game

New England Patriots Vs. Buffalo Bills at Highmark Stadium Photo by Jim Davis/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

Under the bright lights and in primetime, the Buffalo Bills clowned the New England Patriots by 30 points in one of the best offensive performances the NFL has ever seen. It was The Perfect Game and it could not have come against a more perfect opponent.

As one would expect with a game being touted as perfect, there are number of incredible stats to show just how dominant the Buffalo Bills were on offense. There are so many that we have a whole separate article just to list all of the absurd stats. Go read it and then read it again.

One stat not listed there that can tell you all you need to know about how great Josh Allen was on Saturday night is the timestamp of his last incompletion. Thanks to @YardsPerPass we know that Allen’s last incompletion came with 13:23 left in the second quarter. It was the Bills’ first play of the second quarter. Allen completed his next pass and then the next 13 after that. Three of those went for touchdowns including his final pass of the night—a one-yard touchdown to rookie offensive tackle Tommy Doyle—a perfect cap to a perfect night.