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2022 NFL Draft: AFC East picks & order update

Jets with two top-10 picks, Dolphins move down the board, Pats pick 21st

The Buffalo Bills remain in the playoffs following their big win against the New England Patriots and Bill Belichick on Saturday. As such, we don’t yet know exactly where the team will be picking in the 2022 NFL Draft. What we do know now, however, is where the team’s fellow AFC East rivals are scheduled to pick in the first round.

With the “help” of a 4-13 finish to the season and a trade that took place last year, the New York Jets have two selections in the top ten—at picks four and ten. The Jamal Adams trade netted them the Seattle Seahawks’ 2022 first rounder, which fortunately for New York, turned into a very valuable asset. That’s just the beginning of what is a very stacked 2022 war chest, which also includes two second-round picks, two fourths and two fifths.

On the other end of the spectrum is the Miami Dolphins, where its draft has depreciated in value. The Dolphins, you will remember, orchestrated trades with the San Francisco 49ers and Philadelphia Eagles last year that left them with only the 49ers’ first-round selection this year. With 49ers still in the playoffs, that selection is projected to be quite late. Through these and other various transactions, Miami’s selections overall are quite late in each round, although they do have two fourth-round picks.

The Patriots have the least draft currency this coming April. After Saturday’s defeat, the team owns the 21st selection of the first round and only possess five selections, losing their original fifth-, sixth- and seventh-round selections to trades.

Finally, below is the complete list of 2022 draft picks for the Buffalo Bills, as they currently stand:

2022 Buffalo Bills Draft Picks

Round Notes
Round Notes
1 Bills original selection
2 Bills original selection
3 Bills original selection
4 Bills original selection
5 Bills original selection
6 Acquired from Carolina for Darryl Johnson
6 Bills original selection
7 Acquired from Atlanta for Lee Smith
7 Bills original selection

If the Bills win the Super Bowl, they pick 32nd. If they lose the Super Bowl, they pick 31st. If they lose in the Conference Championship, they will pick 29th or 30th, depending on which team was eliminated in the NFC Championship Game with the team holding the worst record picking first. If they lose this weekend, the four losers from this weekend are ranked in order of W/L record; only two of the teams playing this weekend have a worse record than the Bills (Cincinnati, San Francisco).