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Bills vs Chiefs game is most anticipated division round contest

More fans want the Bills in the Super Bowl than anyone else

The Buffalo Bills are a pretty popular team according to SB Nation Reacts polling. Across the country in national polling, 41% of NFL fans want to see the Bills in the Super Bowl with the Cincinnati Bengals far behind at 26%.

The Bills vs the Kansas City Chiefs is also the most-anticipated game of the weekend, with nearly half of respondents saying it’s the game they are most looking forward to. It more than doubles the second game on the list.

In polling over at Arrowhead Pride, 23% of Chiefs fans are not worried about playing the Bills. With 56% somewhat worried and 19% very worried, it makes you wonder what those 23% of Chiefs fans are thinking.

Bills fans have rebounded from a confidence index below 30% a few weeks ago to once again be 100% confident in the direction of the team. A win streak like Buffalo has enjoyed certainly helps there.

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