Hail Mary Hypothetical

As we sit on pins and needles awaiting tomorrow night’s game, I figured it might be fun to throw out a hypothetical situation and see what ya’ll thought.

So obviously, it’s win or go home time. There’s no holding back for next week, no standard practice that can’t be thrown out the window in the right situation. So let’s say tomorrow night the bills find themselves with the ball, down 5, in reasonable Hail Mary position, with one play left. Let’s assume that by "reasonable position" I mean, it won’t take a Josh Allen-sized canon to get the ball in the end zone. Would, or should the Bills let Mitchell Trubisky take the final throw?

Before you chuck a frozen ‘Batty Blue at my head - consider this option: A 5 wide set with Dawson Knox, Gabriel Davis, Jake Kumerow, Stefon Diggs… and Josh Allen.

Josh is, at almost any given point during an NFL game, the biggest, baddest, most athletic dude on the field. He’s a playmaker with a knack for doing whatever needs to be done to help the bills win football games.

So… do you do it? Does he pose a bigger threat to a prevent defense trying to stop a successful Hail Mary… as a receiver? Or am I insane? Coo-coo for coco puffs? Off my meds to take the ball out of Josh Allen’s hands in that situation?

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