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NFL Playoffs: Bills vs Chiefs winner will host AFC Championship

The stakes just went up in the divisional round

The stakes just went up in the game between the Buffalo Bills and Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday. With the loss by the Tennessee Titans, the winner of the Bills/Chiefs matchup will now host the AFC Championship Game against the fourth-seeded Cincinnati Bengals.

The Chiefs, of course, hosted the Championship game a year ago, defeating the Bills to go to the Super Bowl.

Buffalo hasn’t hosted an AFC Championship Game since the 1993 season in January 1994. They beat the Chiefs and Joe Montana that day to get to their fourth straight Super Bowl. They hosted the game in three of their four Super Bowl runs, with the only AFC Championship on opponent soil being a win over the Miami Dolphins in January 1993. They also played in the AFC Championship Game for the 1988 season, losing to the Bengals.

The Bills hosted their first full-capacity playoff game in a generation last weekend, but it was super cold, keeping some folks at home. A regular winter game to go to the Super Bowl would be a freaking sweet atmosphere in Orchard Park.

Buffalo and Kansas City kick off at 6:30 PM Eastern time on Sunday night while the Bengals watch from home to see where they will travel.