Your top 10 disappointing/heartbreaking/sad/etc. Bills playoff/SB losses!

Let's share the pain to.. maybe.. make ourselves feel a little bit better.

Pick 10 of your most sad, disappointing, disgusting, embarrassing, heartbreaking, whatever-- postseason Bills losses. (well, at least these teams made it to the postseason-- we're all aware what the opposite feels like) Doesn't have to be in a particular order or anything.

Losses to pick from:

SUPER BOWL XXV: Loss by 1 point on a missed FG to the Giants, SUPER BOWL XXVI: A strong 13-3 season ends in demoralizing fashion with a 24-0 spot to the Skins to start, SUPER BOWL XXVII: An embarrassing rout at the hands of the Cowboys, SUPER BOWL XXVIII: A halftime lead (!) goes poof with 24 straight points allowed to zero for Buffalo the rest of the way, 2020-21 AFC CHAMPIONSHIP: A quick 9-0 lead disappears almost as quickly as the Bills fall to now heated rival KC, 2019-20 1st Rd: Close loss to the Texans in Josh's playoff debut in OT, 2017-18 1st Rd: Tyrod and Kyle's last hurrah in a loss to the Jags, The Music City Miracle (ugh) of 1999-2000, The Flutie (not Johnson) loss to the Fins that stalled near the goal line in 1998-99, The playoff loss to Pittsburgh in 1995-96, The close loss to the Browns in the 1989-90 playoffs, the Bengals losses in 1988-89 and 1981-82, the Chargers loss in 1980-81, the Steelers whooping in the mid 70s, the KC blowout in the late 60s for the Conference Championship, and the first playoff loss to the BOSTON Patriots in 1963..

Gotta put the closest SB loss ever at #1 (wide right). Maybe Music City at #2 (illegal forward pass *cough*), Maybe this one today at #3. I mean, the stars were aligning for us-- all the big shot teams were losing and we would HOST the Championship Game! So damn close.. Maybe #4 for me is how much the first Cowboys game hurt-- I was so psyched for it-- and we just did not play anything I recognized to be Buffalo Bills football. I was physically sick after that one. I had lower expectations for the next one but that hurt enough to lose a lead so badly that SB XXVIII is #5. Maybe at #6 is the Redskins SB. I mean, who the hell is this Mark Rypien guy? Unfortunately he played lights out and the D of the Hogs was no joke. To make matters worse a co-worker at my department store was rooting for the Redskins and announced the final score on the PA-- what an a**hole. That's as far as I can go; I didn't become a Bills fan until about 1990 so I have less instances to pick from.

Share the pain, Bills fans!

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