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2022 NFL Draft: Buffalo Bills’ draft picks, post-playoffs

Following the Bills’ tragic playoff exit, their draft selections are settled

Here’s the smallest of condolences for all Buffalo Bills fans currently devastated from the team’s playoff loss to the Kansas City Chiefs: We’re only three months away from the 2022 NFL Draft! While the season had its ups and downs, this offseason provides another opportunity to improve the team and hopefully make another run to the AFC Championship and Super Bowl.

Following a couple trades that took place over the last offseason, Buffalo currently possesses nine total selections in the 2022 Draft, the most the team has held since coming into the 2018 Draft. We now know the specific selections in each round.

Supplementing the team’s typical allotment of seven selections are the results of two trades that took place last offseason. In March of last year, the team traded away veteran tight end Lee Smith to the Atlanta Falcons, receiving a seventh-round selection in return, which has turned out to be the 228th pick of the draft. Then, prior to cut down day last August, the Carolina Panthers reportedly traded their original sixth-round pick to the Bills in exchange for defensive end Darryl Johnson, which turned out to be the 184th selection.

With those two trades, below is the complete list of 2022 draft picks as they currently stand:

2022 Buffalo Bills Draft Picks

Round Selection Notes
Round Selection Notes
1 25 Bills original selection
2 57 Bills original selection
3 89 Bills original selection
4 126 Bills original selection
5 166 Bills original selection
6 184 Acquired from Carolina for Darryl Johnson
6 203 Bills original selection
7 228 Acquired from Atlanta for Lee Smith
7 243 Bills original selection