Fact or Fiction - The NFL OT Rule cheated the Buffalo Bills?

The Overtime rules. What a mess.

Fact or Fiction the OT rules cheated the Buffalo Bills?


While I hate to say that for the Buffalo bills they were not cheated by the NFL overtime rules. This was an epic battle between what I am very comfortable to say are the two best teams in the NFL this season. This game was Frazier vs. Ali. It was a Clash of the Titans. Pick any grouping you want the NFL fans were treated to an epic game.

Yet the OT rules didn't cheat the Bills because if they had played 13 seconds of Football Better it would not have mattered.

However if I change the question - Fact or Fiction the OT Rules cheated the NFL FANS?


This one is strait up fact. NFL fans everywhere were cheated by not getting to see the slugfest continue, to not see the football back in Josh Allen's hands one more time. The Irony is that a few year years ago the fans were cheated again when Tom Brady drove the Patriots down the field and Patrick Mahomes wasn't giving an opportunity to answer.

Let's face it, the NFL is the only sports league that doesn't give both teams a change if the game goes into overtime. For player safety, etc, maybe this makes sense during the regular season. It certainly doesn't make sense in the playoffs when it becomes win or go home.

Are you telling me you can't have 10 minute quarters in OT? Are you telling me you couldn't follow college rules where each team gets the ball at the 25 and gets 4 downs to score, by TD or Field Goal. There are a million better ways than what NFL fans were treated too Sunday Night.

For those wondering this is not me making excuses, or lamenting that Buffalo should have had a chance. As I said they did, they could have played out 13 secs at the end of regulation better.

As Josh Allen said had we won the coin toss we would be the team celebrating now. I don't begrudge the Chiefs, they won what is maybe the most epic NFL game I have ever watched.

However after having this same situation happen in the playoffs 2 times over a 4 year period, for the sake of the fans, for everyone who loves and watches football. The NFL needs to rethink how playoff overtime works and fix it. Both teams need to touch the ball, Sudden Death in a playoff game is the worst possible ending regardless of team, it's stupid, it steals the excitement from the fans. If your a Bills Fan this year, or a Chiefs fan from a few years ago, I would assume you could have lived with the loss if your team had a chance to be in the fight, it wouldn't be all sun and roses but at least you don't sit with the pit in your stomach knowing that your guy could have kept you in it if only he had a chance.

If you are just a fan of football with no dog in the fight, you would love to watch the epic battle continue until one couldn't pick themselves up off the mat.

So It's Fiction that the NFL OT Rule Cheated the Buffalo Bills, it's FACT that it cheated the NFL fans.

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