Thank you

Like many, I'm still very upset about the ending and result from Sunday. I'm also upset that we did not win one more game during season (eg, Jacksonville) gotten the bye and then hosted the Bengals this past weekend. There have been many many comments, most of which I am in full agreement with and no need to restate them.

What I did want to do is say "Thank You" - thank you first and foremost to the team for being so awesome and so much fun to root for. Also, Thank You to all of you Rumblers and this Community - I've really enjoyed it.

Of course, there is only one result that most of us would have been fully happy with, and we did not get it. And the way we did not get it, combined with the real possibility of getting it, hurts. As a coping strategy, I've gotten a bit philosophical. Vince Lombardi of course famously said "winning isn't everything, it's the only thing" - I must respectfully disagree. That's a pretty shallow world view, with moral hazards abound. Please don't take this the wrong way - winning IS important, it's really really important and I'm no fan of participation trophies. But if someone believes that winning is the only thing, their only possible conclusion is unhappiness with this team - which I think would be pretty crummy, and certainly not how I feel.

As opposed to winning being the only thing, I think there is a lot to be said for sportsmanship, effort, passion and personality...and yes growth. This team, led by JA17 of course, has been awesome, and I am thankful for all they've done, and the way they have done it. Did we get the result we want? No. But I must say the game Sunday was the most thrilling game I have ever watched ... and it was an amazing thing to participate in in a bar that was mostly Bills fans - the amount of stress, joy, and ultimately dejection was unmatched. And at least part of me wants to focus on the thrill and the joy, not just the dejection.

There are going to be big changes this offseason - the continuity that we have enjoyed is going to be altered in significant ways. I'll be stepping away from football for a bit - too upset to watch other teams when I think it should be us - but will be back and am hopeful.

Until then, thank you again.

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