I will read the posts  and give my take on the most hotly contested subjects in the Bills universe. The thing of course at the top is 13 seconds.My take is i wont second guess our coaching staff.On this call i think if you look up the stats you will see there is a arguement for all ways barring a unusual call   They know more than me about our personell and tendencies. One thing i would like to point out , The time doesnt start until the ball is touched. Players are taught to fair catch or down the ball as quiclky as possible.In our case the kick would not have ended the game or substantially shortened it. We all agree the coaching after that was up for debate.I just want to remind everyone is we were gassed  and were not stopping them and vice versa. I chalk it up to it coulda happened differently but thats where experience and luck comes into play.Stay tuned for more of my takes on things that matter in THE BILLS UNIVERSE.

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