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Sean McDermott continues moving up the longest-tenured coach rankings

It might be hard for you to guess how high he is

AFC Divisional Playoffs - Buffalo Bills v Kansas City Chiefs Photo by David Eulitt/Getty Images

Buffalo Bills head coach Sean McDermott was hired in 2017. That’s only five years ago, but in the ever-changing landscape of the NFL, that makes him one of the longest-tenured leaders in the entire league.

First on the list should come as no surprise, as Bill Belichick has been on the sideline for the New England Patriots since Bill Clinton was President (2000).

New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Payton was second on the list, signing up in 2006, but he retired this week, allowing the rest of the field to move up.

Mike Tomlin of the Pittsburgh Steelers was hired in 2007. McDermott’s former college teammate has never had a losing season at the helm.

Tomlin’s AFC North colleague John Harbaugh was hired by the Baltimore Ravens a year later. They have just one losing season under Harbaugh.

It looked dicey for a second during the season, but Pete Carroll is still the head coach of the Seattle Seahawks and has been since 2010.

Andy Reid has been with the Kansas City Chiefs since 2013 but was with the Philadelphia Eagles for a really long time before that.

Next on the list is Reid’s protégé, Sean McDermott. He’s also the first person on the list without a Super Bowl victory in their current head coaching job. (Sorry for bringing that up, but the next two guys are also missing the Lombardi.) He’s the seventh-longest-tenured head coach in the league, beating Los Angeles Rams coach Sean McVay by a single day. Kyle Shanahan was hired a couple weeks later after the Super Bowl to run the San Francisco 49ers.