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Depending on where you look, Bills are over or right up against the 2022 salary cap

Big Baller Beane

The Buffalo Bills are right up against the NFL’s estimated 2022 salary cap. Depending on where you look, they are either over it or have very limited cap space.

At Spotrac, the Bills are listed as having roughly $-1.4 million in cap availability after all is said and done. With $211,919,870 in active contracts plus dead cap and $210,545,554 in salary cap space including rollover, they are negative.

Per Spotrac, league average is $17.8 million in cap space projected for next year. The Bills are 26th. Spotrac has 51 players under contract, so it looks like they are counting all the Reserve/Future contracts that were signed this week.

At Over the Cap, the Bills have $204,882,651 in cap liabilities, which leaves them with $5,662,903 in space. That makes the Bills 23rd at OTC. They only have 42 players under contract at Over the Cap, so they must not have the future contracts in there yet.

We will get into ways they can add a bunch more cap space over the coming weeks, but we wanted to get the information out to you to set your expectations.