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Week 18 open thread: Chat with Bills fans about the games before Buffalo’s

Come talk football with us

The Buffalo Bills and New York Jets don’t kick off until late Sunday afternoon and because of that, lots of football will be played this weekend before we can really cheer. With that in mind, there are several other things to watch in these games.

1. Can the Bills pass the Chiefs or Bengals?

Starting at 4:30 PM EST on Saturday and continuing at 1:00 PM EST on Sunday, the Bills will be able to watch and see their playoff seeding options. If the Chiefs win Saturday night, Buffalo can only get to the three seed. If the Chiefs win and then the Bengals win on Sunday in the early slot, Buffalo is locked into the four seed with a win. If both teams lose, Buffalo can win and get all the way to the two seed for the second straight year.

2. Injuries

We aren’t rooting for them, but looking around the AFC Playoff Picture to see how healthy other teams are is certainly a topic this week. Despite having an opportunity to be the one seed, the Bengals are resting QB Joe Burrow with several other offensive players on the COVID-19 list. They could fall to the four seed with a loss.

3. NFL Draft order

We put together an extensive rooting guide for this weekend you should check out. In there is a lot of talk about jostling for playoff seeding, but after those few games, we looked at the NFL Draft order. We want the Jets and Miami Dolphins as low as possible and they both have first-round trades to sort through, as well.

We will have a new thread open at about 4 PM EST on Sunday to open up the Bills talk so, until then, use this to chat with your fellow Bills fans.