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Buffalo Bills win second consecutive AFC East title, clinch 3 seed


For just the fourth time in their history, the Buffalo Bills have won back-to-back AFC East Championships. With their win in Week 18 over the New York Jets, Buffalo has clinched the division at 11-6.

Buffalo technically clinched it a few minutes earlier than their victory when the Dolphins beat the Patriots, and New England fell to 10-7. Because the Patriots had a worse AFC East record than Buffalo, New England couldn’t pass the Bills after their loss. The teams finished tied in head-to-head record, but the Bills’ only loss in the division was to the Patriots. They finished 5-1 in the AFC where the Patriots finished 3-3.

Buffalo’s previous back-to-back division championships came in a four-year span from 1988 to 1991.

New England won the AFC East for 11 straight seasons prior to Buffalo’s win in 2020.

The Bills’ Wild Card matchup is not set yet and will come down to Sunday night. If the Los Angeles Chargers beat the Las Vegas Raiders, Buffalo gets to play the Chargers. If the Raiders win, Buffalo hosts the Patriots.