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AFC Playoff Picture: Wild AFC afternoon provides clarity, Bills can move to 3

Some crazy stuff.

Some crazy stuff happened in the early games on Sunday, providing some clarity to the AFC Playoff Picture.

The biggest thing to happen was the Jacksonville Jaguars defeating the Indianapolis Colts. This monumental upset dropped Indy to 9-8. That puts them on the outside looking in for the race to the Wild Card. They had two straight weeks where a win would have clinched a spot and lost both games.

The Tennessee Titans barely held on against the Houston Texans to win the first seed in the AFC and a first-round bye. Kansas City Chiefs won on Saturday and will be the two seed.

The Cincinnati Bengals lost to the Cleveland Browns, and now Buffalo can move to the three seed with a win in Week 18.

The Pittsburgh Steelers beat the Baltimore Ravens in overtime and with the are locked in overtime as we publish. If there isn’t a tie between the Chargers and Steelers, the Steelers are in! The Colts have been eliminated.

If the Bills win

Buffalo is the 3 seed. The winner of the Raiders/Chargers game is the most likely opponent.

If the Bills lose and the Patriots lose

Buffalo is the 4 seed. The Raiders or the Patriots are the most likely opponent.

If the Bills lose and the Patriots win

Buffalo is in the Wild Card and the 6 seed, playing the three-seed Patriots.