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Wingin’ It: Buffalo Chips as the Bills take on the Ravens

A couple options for these

Can you believe it? Season 5 of Wingin’ It! Where has the time gone? For any newcomers, here’s the premise. It’s hungry work being a fan of the Buffalo Bills. Every week of the regular season and postseason, Buffalo Rumblings brings you a recipe to try out with a “Buffalo” twist.

Wingin it Bills at Ravens 2022 homemade chips Buffalo

I couldn’t resist the name here, as we’re making homemade potato chips as suggested by acordes7793, to enjoy when the Bills face the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday. This was my first time trying this and I learned a LOT along the way, but the end result is absolutely worth it. One thing I’ll quickly note here is that most recipes severely underestimate the total time. As most people will have to cook these in batches, I tried to give a more realistic count.

Buffalo Chips

Serves: 2-4
Active Time: 60 min
Total Time: 90 min


4 Russet potatoes, cleaned (skinned if desired)
Ice and water
3 Tbsp salt
Vegetable oil
Ground red pepper
Onion powder
Garlic powder
Apple cider vinegar

  1. Slice potatoes as thin as you can (see prep notes/gallery below*).
  2. Add ice, water and 3 Tbsp salt to large container.
  3. Immerse sliced potatoes in ice water; stir in gently. Allow potatoes to sit for at least 30 min.
  4. Drain potatoes and pat dry with paper towels.
  5. Heat about 1.5 inches of vegetable oil to a temp between 350ºF and 375ºF in a large pot.
  6. Add potatoes carefully in small batches once oil comes to temperature. If they start overlapping on the oil surface you’ll get uneven cooking, which is a big problem for these. Stir frequently and gently with a slotted spoon.
  7. Remove chips using a slotted spoon as they turn golden brown (about 3-5 minutes); place on fresh paper towels to remove excess oil.
  8. Sprinkle red pepper, salt, garlic powder, and onion powder as soon as you can after chips come out. (See below for tips.**)
  9. Dash a very small amount of vinegar over chips. (See below for tips.***)

Wingin’ It Tips and Prep Gallery

  • The first image is me being very proud of myself for successfully writing the series name in a chip and having it come out this well. It’s not as cool as the helmet chip, but it’s still very cool. Carving player numbers in would be super easy and a cool twist if you’re into food artistry.
  • *Picture two shows a sliced potato. See that picture? That is way too thick for this recipe. That’s a cautionary picture. I hand sliced my potatoes with a knife and it was less consistent than it could have been. You might have noticed that compared to chips from a store these are really dark.
  • Thinner cuts allow quicker cooking times and lighter chips that are still crisp. If you can get thinner slices than I did, you’ll likely have lighter chips. I do want to say though that despite the coloration, mine didn’t taste remotely burnt and I left them in longer to make them extra crispy.
  • I have a picture of the ice bath in there. Mine didn’t need to be super icy.
  • The picture with the bowl of chips was my wife’s request. She wanted garlic and parmesan chips. You can sprinkle hot chips with just about anything and it’ll stick to them so be creative. When chips was suggested, acordes7793 said to go with Old Bay seasoning. I did try a few with that and it’s a good Baltimore-style twist to them.
  • **When it comes to the flavoring, I promised some tips. You can combine the dry ingredients (salt, seasonings) ahead of time, but I would recommend tasting to ensure you have the right balance. I would also eat a chip or two as you’re making the batches to make sure you have the right amount of seasoning.
  • ***For the vinegar there are two methods I’d recommend. They both involve a butter knife. You can get a few drops at a time on the tip. You can flick the vinegar onto the chips as a batch. The droplets will break up and cover a small area. This does take some practice. Alternatively, you can put a drop of vinegar in the center of each chip. That will give the flavor since hardly anyone is putting half a chip in their mouth. It allows for more precision but might take longer.