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Bills vs. Steelers recap: Skarey Movies presents “was Buffalo really that dominant?”

I know 38-3 sounds dominant, but were they really dominant?

Pittsburgh Steelers v Buffalo Bills Photo by Timothy T Ludwig/Getty Images

In this week’s episode of Skarey Movies, we dive into the film to digest the seemingly lopsided game between the Buffalo Bills and Pittsburgh Steelers. When a team nearly blanks their competitor, puts up 38 points, and essentially coasts the entire second half, how can someone even question if it was as dominant as it looked? Watch the video to find out. To prepare your eventual ire, before you even watch the video I’ll go on record and say the game wasn’t as dominant as it appeared.

Does 38-3 accurately reflect the gap between the two teams—and was Buffalo as dominant as the score suggests? On the way to answering this compound question, I dove into the drive stats courtesy of—because numbers matter.

From there, I launch into some miscues on the part of the Bills. An unnecessary holding penalty, a missed throw, and more become evidence to back up my assertion. Whatever that assertion might be.