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Stefon Diggs gets sentimental about his QB

Von Miller asked Stefon Diggs what Josh Allen has meant to his career

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It’s no secret in the NFL world that wide receiver Stefon Diggs and quarterback Josh Allen vibe together on the field. The past few seasons, the pair of Buffalo Bills stars have been tearing up the league and making defenses work extra hard on every play. They also have an extremely close relationship outside of football, and are always complimenting each other in interviews.

On a recent episode of Von Miller’s The Voncast, the linebacker asked Diggs, “Josh Allen is like one of your little brothers, too. What has he meant to your career?”

Diggs, sounding emotional, stated, “Like damn near everything.” He then credits Allen with changing his career. “From where I was to how I’m viewed now? I always saw myself as that player, but it was hard to put the pen to paper because my stats weren’t amassing. My play was good, but it wasn’t as good. But I really wanted to cement myself as one of the best players, if not the best wide receiver, in the league.”

Talking about when he first arrived in Buffalo, Diggs said that Allen already had some really good receivers in John Brown and Cole Beasley (who he calls one of the best receivers he has ever played with) but he still needed a WR1. That’s where Diggs was able to step in. “When I came there, they embraced me being myself,” he told Miller.

He then tells the story of when he first met Allen. “When I first met him, I tell people this all the time, I was like, ‘I think you’re a good-ass quarterback. I really do.’ He said, ‘I’m not gonna ask much of you. Just get open and catch the ball.’ And from that point on, we was hoopin’.”

Diggs finishes up by stating, “If you got a good quarterback, you got something. I’m grateful because I’ve had some good quarterbacks in the past. But this is that quarterback that God had for me at the end of the tunnel.”

Alright, who’s cutting the onions?

Check out the full clip below.