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Bills 24, Chiefs 20 film analysis: Josh Allen creating something out of nothing

Josh Allen is the man

NFL: Buffalo Bills at Kansas City Chiefs Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen had a fabulous outing against the Kansas City Chiefs in the biggest game of the NFL season to date. Allen had three touchdowns, threw no interceptions, and accounted for 361 total yards. The MVP candidate did everything he could for his team to secure the 24-20 win. It’s fair to say that Allen has exceeded the expectations most everyone had on him during the draft process. Incredibly, his ceiling seems to continue increasing. Let’s hit the tape to enjoy all the ways Allen continues to dominate the rest of the NFL.

Play 1

Some of the most impressive plays can be incompletions. Pre-snap, Allen is in the shotgun in the red zone. At the snap, left guard Rodger Saffold is beaten with a rip move by defensive tackle Chris Jones, corner Joshua Williams comes in free on the blitz, and linebacker Darius Harris blows through right tackle Spencer Brown. As Allen drops back, he has those three Chiefs closing in on him. Off of his right foot, Allen throws to an open Isaiah Mckenzie (he drops it) for what should have been a touchdown. The ability to generate power in your throws off balance with pressure in your face is a special trait.

Play 2

Jones uses a swim move on right guard Ryan Bates, and Brown is beaten around the edge by defensive end Carlos Dunlap. Allen runs through the middle and avoids both defenders, then meets two more at the second level who are chasing him—so he outruns both to the left sideline. As Allen runs up the sideline, he lowers his shoulder on the safety, who bounces off him upon contact. Not many quarterbacks in the NFL have that combination of elusiveness and physicality.

Play 3

Allen and the Bills are backed up in the end zone here. To start, Allen’s in the gun. He initially moves right, but pass rusher Mike Danna cuts him off—so Allen quickly climbs up the pocket and makes the first-down throw. What makes this play so impressive is it’s 3rd & 13 while backed up in the end zone—so you have to watch out for a potential safety—and Allen makes a high-degree-of-difficulty situation look easy.

Play 4

With Buffalo in the shotgun, the Chiefs blitz with safety Justin Reid. Allen stands in the pocket and throws it to receiver Gabe Davis 35 yards down the field for a touchdown. Even though Davis has a step on the corner, Allen puts it right on the money to where Davis never breaks stride and walks into the end zone. Allen didn’t leaving any yards on the field here.

Play 5

The touchdown Allen throws here is even more impressive than the one to Davis. Unlike the previous touchdown to Davis, Chiefs rookie corner Williams is right in the hip pocket of wide receiver Stefon Diggs. Allen has to throw it 17 yards deep on the money to Diggs when he has a corner right on him. Diggs also never had to break stride, and the ball simply dropped right into his hands for the touchdown.

Play 6

This was probably the most spectacular play Allen made all game. The Bills pull the right tackle out right, and Allen runs behind him. As Allen turns up the field, he hurdles Reid. Even more impressively, Allen keeps his balance and stride after he returns to the ground and continues to run for the first down.

In Summary

Allen played a fantastic game against the Chiefs, particularly down the stretch. His ability to scramble is elite, his accuracy down the field is superb, and when it comes to the designed quarterback run game, only Lamar Jackson is better. There is literally nothing that Allen cannot do on a football field—which is how he’s able to be on the same field as a guy who has both league and Super Bowl MVPs to his name, Patrick Mahomes, and still be the best player on that field.